Shazalina Ahmad is now the Head of Human Resources for Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad (MIDF). She received her B.A in Organisational Studies from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

She has done the full spectrum of Human Resources and Administration and has been in various industries, including MNC. She spent 5 years of her career with Schlumberger Resource Management System Malaysia which was later known as Actaris Malaysia.

Out of curiosity about the F&B industry, she then joined Burger King Malaysia as Head of Human Resources. Managing employees from various levels of income, education and family background gave her a different perspective on nation-building.

Before joining MIDF 3 years ago, she was serving PETRONAS for 9 years, specializing in Talent Sourcing, Performance Management, and Education Scholarships.

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The most crucial part to be an industry-ready professional in Big Data is knowing what the industry wants and finding the right guidance.

You need an industry leader who is already established in the big data industry.

What kind of talents industry leaders are looking to hire?

What are the opportunities and challenges to become a data professional?

And what are the skills required for a particular job role related to big data?

We understand that not everyone can have access to these industry experts. That’s why TALENTS is bringing the expert to you on 22nd March 2021 to share how to Be a TOP Talent in Big Data Field!


  • Gain insights from industry leader on the job demands and expectations in the Big Data field.

  • Get better understanding on the challenges and opportunities that Big Data industry brings to the competitive job market.

  • Learn the skills needed in Big Data industry today that can help you reach the next level in your career.



Data professionals are not restricted to working for just a few industry segments, but their contribution is for all kinds of industry verticals.

You can work in any of the domains like finance, manufacturing, IT, communications, retail, logistics, and automobiles.

Each industry uses Big Data for its competitive advantage and making data driven decisions. So, this is the right time to choose Big Data as the next career option.


With the increase in the datasets across the universe, the demand for Big data analytics is very strong.

According to estimates, the data will further grow to zettabytes in 2025. This means the need for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Analysts will also increase well into the future.

Data Analysts will play increasingly bigger roles in the WORLD. Now is the time to start exploring this field.

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