The Easiest Way to Say “Hello, World!”

Do you find writing codes for new functions extremely annoying?

Are the long CSS and Java code lines too trippy to read?

With Python, you can write that, as this:

And still achieve the results you want!

Python makes programming easier by giving programmers an efficient and easy-to-read programming language.

Thanks to its simplicity and wide application, it is now being taught in schools and universities in many countries.

Top 5 Python Applications

Since data is money, using python to extract information from raw data allows you to find that money source faster and more efficiently – that’s why hiring managers always look for people with Python knowledge.

Python also makes AI and ML programming much easier. Again, due to its simple code structure, writing commands for AI and ML ain’t that hard compared to JavaScript, HTML, etc.

Wanna make your own games? No matter PC, consoles or mobile, any games can be created using Python – including VR ones!

Python can be used to make web-applications at a rapid rate because of the frameworks Python uses to create these applications (Django, Flask, Pyramid). The security, scalability, convenience that they provide is unparalleled compared to starting the development of a website from scratch.

Business Applications are different than our normal applications covering domains such as e-commerce, ERP and many more. They require applications which are scalable, extensible and easily readable and Python provides us with all these features.

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