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As a TALENTS member, we will mold you with the essential skills to be the best version of yourself.

Learn how to WOW potential employers and clients with your skills and charisma.

Always be passionate and determined in your pursuit of lifelong learning

Embrace change and adopt the growth mindset​

Always equip yourself with new skills and knowledge by pursuing growth and learning​

Always remain humble and down to earth as you progress in your life endeavors.

Be transparent, open, and honest in your communication. 

Build the flow of happiness with your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Why Become a Member

From eLearning to Leadership Training, enjoy these perks when you become a TALENTS member

Job placement and IT scholarship 

Open to working professionals, fresh graduates, and individuals who are driven to elevate their careers.
Consult our TALENTS Squad on how to obtain a scholarship to pursue IT certification programs.

Enrol in our affordable IT Professional Certification programs

Upskill yourself to secure job offers with top employers by gaining qualifications such as Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Technology.

Get exclusive live teasers to Skillsture programmes ​

View live introductory sessions on the newly launched Skillsture app, focused on "skills of the future". Participate in interactive discussions and ask our TALENTS Squad about how comprehensive the programs are. ​

Attend TALENTS Summit’s bi-annual event ​

Join an insightful webinar where you will be coached by industry professionals on how to improve your career outlook through honing your leadership training skills, digital skills, and networking skills. ​

Gain access to TALENTS’ dashboard for e-learning modules

Familiarize yourself with scholarships available to enrol and access eLearning modules in IT Professional Certification programmes available through governing bodies such as UNIMAS, KPT, and MOSTI. ​
Join our Empowerment and Mentoring Pass session quarterly.
It's time to achieve success and career fulfillment ​ ​

Join the biggest pillar of support for jobseekers in Southeast Asia ​


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