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7 Core Competencies and Skills Valued by Employers

Find out desirable qualities that will get you hired!
Nazral Safril Mohammad Sapari is currently the Director of Human Capital at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and a graduate from Universiti Teknologi MARA in Human Resources Management.

He is an agile, reliable, and adaptable HR professional with nearly 30 years of solid understanding of human resource strategies, talent management & development, performance management, organisation design, HR operations & solutioning and human resources management system (HRMS/HRIS) in various corporate environments.
Over the course of his career as a dedicated HR professional, he has been responsible for over 800 full time, part-time, and certified and classified employees. Prior joining MDEC, he was attached with various digital technology, banking and oil & gas organizations, namely Touch & Go, CIMB, Alinma Bank Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ambank and Weatherford.

He has led Touch & Go to win Employer of Choice Award by MIHRM in 2019 and was recognized as one of the founders of Alinma Bank, Riyadh KSA in 2009. Outside work, Nazral is an avid cyclist, hiker and runner as to maintain social networks and health. Post pandemic Covid 19, He has participated in various cycling, duathlon and running events; apart from peaking few mountains in ASEAN.


“Competencies” and “skills” are two terms you’ll come across regularly when searching for your next job. It might seem as if these two words are interchangeable – but it’s not
Employers will likely seek candidates who show basic and universal attributes that show they can contribute to the company in a variety of ways. Your past jobs and your life experiences on your resume can act as a personal list of skills and competencies that invite further conversation.

In Talents Talk Show 5, find out :

How can you develop desirable human skills to stretch opportunities at work?

What are the critical core competencies needed for your career?

How to identify your skill and competency gaps so you will be able to proactively upskilling yourself?


Gain insights from industry leader on the job market post-COVID 19 world and be a standout professional.

Get better understanding on the challenges and opportunities that competitive job market brings to your table so you can tackle them!

Learn the tips from our industry expert on essential skills needed today that can help you reach the next level in your career.

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