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Increase your brand visibility ​


Build a rapport with one of the largest support pillars for jobseekers in Southeast Asia

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Get invitations to high profile events where you get to network with leading industry experts

Why Be a Sponsor 

Let's join forces in providing a unique platform for our current and future generations to carve a bright future in their career. ​

Screen for the best job candidates​

There is undiscovered talent out there waiting to be discovered by you! Get in touch with our hiring partners or meet them at our events to find your next best hire. Screen up to 30 potential candidates a day.

Increased brand credibility 

Sponsoring events can drive positive PR and increase credibility among your customers and clients. 

Reach up to 40,000 Top TALENTS' profiles​

Reach up to 40,000 working professionals and young leaders who have embraced a growth mindset and have an ambitious attitude towards entrepreneurship and IT. ​

Enjoy 10 spots a day for 365 days!

Powerful and informative content produced by you will be showcased and remembered by thousands of young leaders.

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You will get up to 60 days of coverage for the same cost as 3 days of YouTube ads. Our low designer rates makes it affordable to promote your brand. 

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Get genuine prospects to see your ads. No skipping. No ads. No fake clicks, Likes or Followers. 



This bi-annual physical event is an excellent opportunity for university students, graduates, working professionals and other individuals to enhance their career readiness skills by connecting with our expert speakers. ​ When you sponsor this event, you will have your company logo, banner, and acknowledgement of your contributions shown at the event, you will build credibility among our attendees, who will show an interest in your business, whether it would be to create business partnerships or for them to express an interest in joining your workforce. ​


TALENTS Talk Show (TTS), held on every third Thursday of each month, is a preliminary introduction into the latest industry insights and trends as presented by our guest speakers and TALENTS’ Coach. ​ It is a free introduction for new viewers to get a feel of what TALENTS has to offer. The talk show is presented in a casual and interactive format so that viewers may connect with the talk show’s presenters to get answers to their doubts and queries. ​

Audience of TTS will be able to learn both the TECH series and the LEADERSHIP series. ​ ​


At TALENTS, you will get the chance to connect with experienced mentors and professional coaches. ​ Through our networking opportunities, you will not only feel inspired and gain trust with key market leaders, but it also allows you to open your heart and mind by being receptive to their knowledge, wisdom, and experience. ​ ​

​TALENTS Outreach Program

We believe in creating a sustainable future for the youths of today and tomorrow. ​ ​ Our outreach program aims to inspire university students to set their path towards success through proper career planning. ​ ​ Conducted via hybrid mode, which involves a physical and virtual outreach program, students are introduced to various digital skills such as Cybersecurity, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing. They are also entitled to a 50% discount when they sign up with our IT Certification programs via our TALENTS dashboard. ​


A Hire is Made Easy with TALENTS
Here is why


We encourage working professionals and young leaders to continue the pursuit of growth and learning. ​ ​ Hence, we provide a platform for talents to upskill in terms of leadership, digital, and networking opportunities. Earn qualifications in IT professional certification programs to improve your career outlook. ​


Connect with our TALENTS Hiring Squad and find potential candidates, ranging from working professionals to new graduates to network with.

TALENTS Job placement come with

Access to the top TALENTS profile 

We will match you with a list of jobs which best suits your skills and interests, leaving you with a wider option to choose from.

Refer our Career toolkit to make a smart hiring decision! 

We will personally help you reach your employment goals.

Cut your spending and maximize results 

Fast-track your job-hunting pursuits and secure the job you want! ​ ​

Are you hiring? Reach out to us and we'll find the right candidate for you 

Network with higher echelons of society ​

Join our community to make TALENTS the biggest pillar of support for jobseekers in Southeast Asia. ​

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