Power BI + Self Mastery + Personal Coaching

The Talents Power BI course teaches you all you need to know about Microsoft Power BI – from its basic functionalities, to its advanced features. The program is coupled with Self Mastery and Personal Coaching sessions for a holistic approach in bringing your career growth to the next level.

The program combines technical, essential skills and professional coaching to enhance your credibility in the industry.

Let us help you shape your future growth!

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Power BI + Self Mastery + Personal Coaching


Module 1: Introduction to Self-Service BI Solutions
Know the basics of Power BI & what makes it different from other data processing tools.

Module 2: Introducing Power BI
Learn how to create data dashboards and the other services in Power BI

Module 3: Model
Learn how to export & import data from Excel and other databases

Module 4: Shaping and Combining Data
Learn how to shape and combine data from data sources.

Module 5: Modeling data
Learn the calculation methods, measures and relationship between data

Module 6: Interactive Data Visualizations
Learn how to create compelling & detailed data reports with Power BI

Module 7: Direct Connectivity
Learn how to connect Power BI to other data analysis services.

Module 8: The Developer API
Learn how to use the developer API to improve your Power BI experience

Module 9: Power BI mobile app
Familiarise yourself with the Power BI mobile app to work with data on-the-go


In the 1-day Self-Mastery course, you will learn :

Module 1: Pyramid of Success
Learn the three elements that build successful individuals

Module 2: Self-Awareness
Understand the meaning of “knowing yourself” better.

Module 3: SMART Goal
Learn how to set tangible, reasonable and achievable goals

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence
Understand why Emotional Quotient (EQ) is just as important as Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Module 5: Time Management
Learn two simple techniques on how to manage your time effectively.


In the 1-hour Coaching Session, we will
Uncover and discover your true potential that aim on your career growth