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G.R.I.T. Program

Fast track your career transformation and boost yourprofessional value through learning skills top organizations are seeking

What sets successful individuals and amateurs apart is the knowledge of self-mastery. Outstanding success follows worthy professionals who have attained the right knowledge and skillset that 90% of our population are unaware of.

If you would like to be the part of 10%, let us introduce the G.R.I.T. programme.


empowers individuals with the knowledge to maintain a healthy mind and positive well-being.The program offers concepts and know how for individuals to master themselves to thrive and excel in their career and their lives.

Why G.R.I.T. Program?

Good to Great




GRIT brings game changing transformation to your career and personal lives through these core sets of values that you will adopt throughout this course.

Stand out in from the rest

Confidence in presenting yourself

Equipped with a growth mindset

Thrive with optimism

Emerge as an inspiring leader

Be a value-driven partner in organizations

Tackle challenges with grit

Discover one’s true potential

G.R.I.T. covers nine (9) exciting topics with practical applications that aimed to enhance your professional transformation

Business Leadership

Corporate Etiquette & Personal Branding

Communication & Networking Skills

Management 101

Mental Agility

Power-Packed Presentation

Power of Emotional Intelligence

Project Management

Problem Solving & Creative Thinking

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GRIT is suitable for both fresh graduates, seasoned professionals & entrepreneurs who wants to make a difference through their careers or businesses.


Exclusive coaching sessions with PEOPLElogy’s in demand trainers

The Kickstarter package features essential skills newbies need to hit the ground running in any organizations they join. On the other hand, The Manager package will infuse executives with the necessary firepower to transition them into managerial level roles and fast track their progress.

Experience Our Powerful Coaching Programmes

Ever heard of this famous quote “The Power of Transformation lies in the power of conversations”? Yes, conversations with great people can change your life. Let our professional coaches accompany you throughout your learning journey to help you gain maximum value out of G.R.I.T. programme.
(1 session for The Kickstarter, 4 sessions for The Manager)
Listen to our happy clients who have had their lives transformed.